So, what does “the best day ever” mean to you?

Imagine your perfect wedding day, without limits. You don’t have to get married in a certain location. You don’t have to have a certain amount of people there. You get to decide.

Whether your vision is a moonlit montage of smiling faces under twinkle lights. Maybe you can just feel your toes in the sand and the ocean breeze as you read your handwritten vows. Maybe you’re picturing a wedding weekend instead of just one day. Whatever your dream is… 

Magical destinations. Seamless details.
An unforgettable day—uniquely yours.

Dream as big as your heart will go, 
and skip the logistical nightmare.

We believe you should be able to

You may have dreamed of a destination wedding for decades. The thought of it sounds nice, but the reality? It may feel a little complicated. How do we convince everyone to travel with us? How do we find vendors and put everything together from hundreds or thousands of miles away?
You start to think:
    |    How do we convince everyone to travel with us?
    |    Which destination and venue will bring our wedding dreams to life?
    |    Which destination and venue will guests be excited about?
    |    What vendors will work, if we don’t know the area?
    |    Can we truly pull off something beautiful, fun, in our budget?
    |    How can we make sure everything comes together when we’re hundreds or thousands of miles away?
    |    Where do we even start?
… and that’s just the beginning. 

You don’t just want your wedding to be beautiful, or in a cool place, you want it to be perfect. And, contrary to popular belief, we here at Poppati believe in perfect. We believe your wedding can be so distinctly you, no matter the destination. You couldn’t imagine anything more perfect.

Plus, we’ll take care of it all. Yes, really. ALL OF IT.

You deserve a wedding that satisfies your wanderlust and goes off without a hitch.


At Poppati, we like to take “white glove service” and add a little sparkle and pop. This is full-service, but it’s unlike any full-service you’ve ever experienced.

We work with you to craft a creative vision that’s entirely true to your story and how you like to celebrate. We take inspiration from your life, your love, and your unique personality and breathe life into an experience that is uniquely yours.

01. Creative

We execute our co-created vision with intention by curating the perfect vendors to bring your vision to life in lavish detail. Plus, we do all the communicating for you. We take care of vendor meetings, budget negotiations, creative direction, and so much more. Less to keep track of means you will have more time to soak up your season of celebration. 

02. Curated

We oversee the entire event from planning to partying to pickup. That means every intricate detail will come together in a cohesive design and seamless experience. You won’t have to feel like everything is everywhere. Instead, you’ll think, “This day is so smooth and so completely us.”

03. Cohesive

Our Poppati Promise:

We are true experts at destination planning. We approach your wanderlust wedding with passion and expertise—because this is our thing. 

You may have trouble imagining your destination wedding as a seamless experience. Maybe you’re even thinking you have to sacrifice beauty and meaningful details so that you can get married at the destination of your dreams. Here at Poppati, we believe you can have your cake and eat it, too. And your cocktails, and delicious hors devours, and whatever else your fluttering, lovestruck heart desires.

Short answer: We think you can have everything you’re dreaming of and more with the right team advocating for you. 

By taking a white glove (and then some) approach, we have our hands in every single piece of the process. You don’t have to worry about things falling through the cracks, because we are true experts in destination planning.

Close to the heart doesn’t have to mean close to home.


destinations we’ve planned in


destinations we’ve traveled


weddings that we’ve cried tears of joy

Plus, starting with the vision and your story first means the vision will take the driver’s seat. We don’t plan weddings chained to the vision of one single vendor. We work to find the best, most innovative vendors to bring your vision to life. 

We also don’t shy away from working with multiple vendors to make magic happen. But, with Poppati negotiating budget, handling communication, and advocating for your dream day along the way, you’ll get to sit back and watch the magic come to life—without having to manage the pile of tasks to make it happen.

The result? A cohesive day, curated to meet your dream vision—you won’t miss a single, magical moment.

Lindsay O. | destination wedding

We had complete confidence that everything was going to run smoothly for our destination wedding. I never even worried about it! We knew Ashley had everything under control.

"We knew Ashley had everything under control."


The Luxury Destination Wedding Planning Experience

Our Full Service package is the crème de la crème of our wedding coordination services. We take care of every pretty little detail so you can enjoy your engagement (and the best day of your life!) completely stress free. 

We orchestrate the complete creative vision including:
    |    A comprehensive Destination Analysis of all cities of interest to find the perfect location to fit your dreams
    |    Travel to destination of choice once chosen for an extensive planning visit
    |    Wedding design
    |    Venue selection & management
    |    Research, interviewing, hiring, all correspondence and complete management of every wedding vendor needed
    |    Creation of timelines and layouts
    |    Negotiation of contracts
    |    Management of your budget
    |    Travel to destination for duration of wedding weekend to execute all plans
    |    Overall direction and management of the planning process. 

Full Service Wedding Planning and Design

Want to ensure everyone feels and looks their best on your special day? So do we. We can assist with the following:
    |    Custom designed tux
    |    Bridesmaid dress selection
    |    Wedding dress selection
    |    Suit selection
    |    Styling for the Mother + Father of the Bride + Groom

… and more! Just say the word and we’ll style you to match your wedding dreams.

Wedding Attire Styling

Need help planning the event before the big day?  We orchestrate the complete creative vision including:
    |    Design
    |    Décor
    |    Venue selection & management
    |    Hiring & management of all vendors
    |    Creation of timelines and layouts
    |    Negotiation of contracts
    |    Management of the budget
    |    Overall direction of the entire planning process

Full Service Rehearsal Dinner Planning

Your unforgettable wedding deserves a once-in-a-lifetime honeymoon. We know you, and we know that if you won't settle for a cookie-cutter wedding, you shouldn't have to settle for a cookie-cutter honeymoon.

Adventure awaits! Here at Poppati, we’ve traveled to over 75 destinations worldwide. We’re passionate about helping you plan a honeymoon that’s perfectly tailored to how you like to adventure. When Poppati takes over the planning, you get to soak up all the good stuff of traveling and taking in a destination as newlyweds without the hassle of planning and logistics to get in your way.

Ask us about honeymoon planning at your consultation!

Full Service Honeymoon Planning

Tailored Takes Time

So, Cheers! It’s time to get hitched!

Poppati gives unparalleled time and attention to each and every client to ensure that their true dream day is coming to life. To ensure the most exquisite experience for you, we take on a limited number of premium clients each year.

Instead of managing all the tasks, details, and responsibilities on your own, we would love to make your engagement season a beautiful one by taking all of that off your hands. Without Poppati, you may end up working until the very last minute. You may have to just hope it will all come together. You might shatter your budget in the process, and spend far too much time chasing down vendors instead of soaking up this once in a lifetime moment.

Our Poppati Process will grant you the privilege of reassurance and confidence, knowing that everything will go off without a hitch.

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