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At Poppati, we like to take “white glove service” and add a little sparkle and pop. This is full-service, but it’s unlike any full-service you’ve ever experienced.


We know there’s endless inspiration out there when it comes to celebrating the meaningful moments. Our goal is to help you quiet the noise. Whether the noise comes in the form of endless Pinterest boards, a few too many traditions that don’t seem like “you,” or simply not knowing where to start, quieting the noise means you’ll actually be able to hear what makes your heart flutter. Only then, when we start with your story, can we find the details and design that couldn’t possibly be anyone’s but yours.

Poppati Events:

Truly unforgettable experiences should
start with your story.

Hi, lovely! I’m Ashley.

I’ve been known to be extremely enthusiastic and incredibly professional at the same time. That means I’ll be your best friend in the planning process while also being your wedding warrior or event advocate whenever needed. I’ve truly never met a stranger, and make it my personal mission to make everyone I come into contact with feel warm and invited in immediately.

After 16+ years in the events industry, I’ve planned just about every kind of soiree there is. I’ve had the privilege of crafting and organizing everything from destination weddings to local weddings, Fortune 500 corporate events to intimate birthday getaways, even exotic and exquisite honeymoons. But, it wasn’t 16 years ago that my love for events began. 

The Poppati passion and mission ran deep within me even before I knew how to put words to it. I always worked to turn slumber parties into extravagant experiences for my friends. I planned tea parties, school dances and events, and college gatherings. And, though planning a school dance may not have led directly to building a boutique wedding planning company…

I have found that the overarching question that tied all of those experiences together became the foundation for Poppati’s promise and process.

the owner and founder of Poppati Events.

ashley c. mansy

How can we make it one they’ll never forget?

How can we make this experience one no one has ever had before?

Through it all, I wondered...

We’ve had…

   -   An exquisitely glamorous, persian-rug-lined aisle
   -   A traditional family recipe repurposed as an elegant hors d'oeuvre
   -   Welcome drinks customized to guests’ favorite cocktails, names etched in glass,            handed to them upon entry
   -   Tent made of sails for a captain’s soiree
   -   Custom wine and labels as favors, made from a client’s favorite Napa vineyard
   -   Hand crafted chandeliers, customized crystal by crystal
   -   Champagne Tasting with bubbles from the couple's favorite regions they've
        traveled to
   -   Invitations made of silk and suede

You only get one shot at your dream wedding, your 50th birthday bash, your daughter’s first baby shower.

Maya Angelou says, “People will forget what you said, but they’ll never forget how you made them feel.”

In event planning, there’s not a single detail that makes you and your guests feel the experience of a lifetime. The magic lies in how it all comes together, one thing running into the next, so the plans are unrecognizable and the experience is unmatched.

Magic happens when…
    |    The flow of the day is seamless
    |    Meaningful touches are everywhere, 100% unique to you
    |    You (the guest of honor) are soaking up the moment

But, most often, when people say an event is “unforgettable,” they remember the sum of how everything made them feel. We intentionally craft the design and flow of an experience, detail by detail. In the end, it will feel effortless, and will add up to a celebration that is so perfectly you, and completely unforgettable for everyone with the pleasure of being involved.

The glue that holds a gathering together is absolutely essential, but if it’s done right, it should go unnoticed. THAT is what we work to accomplish here at Poppati. We don’t want to help you craft an event that’s trying too hard to get attention at every turn. We focus on creating experiences that are effortlessly, undeniably unforgettable.

We’ll create custom ideas for your celebration from first impression down to the very last farewell detail. In order to make that happen, together we’ll dive deep into your background and story until we get to what is truly meaningful to you. Then, we’ll incorporate those details intentionally into your celebration.

My greatest joy in this process is uncovering the magic of your story.

… and we’ll find the perfect details to tell your story at your once in a lifetime celebration, too.

Your dreams are my passion.




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"Ashley always comes from a place of excitement and love."


The Poppati Team treasures you, too.

We couldn’t uphold our high touch, white glove service without our amazing team.

You may or may not see them during your process, but we want you to know who is behind the scenes so you can feel confident that you’re in good hands throughout the entire planning process. It truly takes a village to build a dream celebration, and our little village is one of the best.

Meet Kirsten

Kirsten is organized, an amazing problem solver, and a total go-getter. 

She enjoys the serenity of nature. Whether that's backpacking around Canada, swimming in Alaskan glacial pools, or XC skiing the American Birkebeiner race.

Kirsten showcases her East Coast roots through her love of any seafood she can get her hands on. Don’t be surprised if a can of old bay falls out of her purse! 

When you work with Poppati, you will likely see Kirsten on site as Ashley's right hand, but most of what she does keeps everything running beautifully behind the scenes. She helps with planning, task lists, ordering pretty little details, and lots of research. 


Meet Izzy

Izzy has a beautiful eye for detail, is passionate about events, and loves seeing our clients events come  to life onsite. 

She is a proud dog mom to handsome golden retriever, loves being outdoors, traveling, and exploring National Parks.

She's also a lover of watching all things Bravo. 

When you work with Poppati, you will likely see Izzy on site during an event or wedding helping the team bring all the magic to life.


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Your Poppati Founder, lead planner, and events expert. After 16+ years in the events industry, I’ve crafted experiences for Fortune 500 companies to lavish birthday bashes to unforgettably unique domestic and destination weddings. 

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